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Altiall CEO Kang Byung-Jin Selected as the 2023 Korean Figure Award Winner in the Logistics Automation System Integrator Category

Source: IssueMaker

Leap into a Global System Integrator

for Smart Logistics Solutions

CEO Kang Byung-Jin of Altiall, Inc., a warehouse automation solutions specialist introduced in the February issue of IssueMaker, was selected as the prize winner of the 2023 Korean Figure Award in the Logistics Automation System Integrator category.

Mr. Kang stated, "In the six years since the establishment of Altiall, we have managed to grow the company without any significant setbacks. The fact that the leading logistics company in the country considered Altiall as a crucial business partner, ultimately leading to acquisition, is, in my opinion, a sufficient justification for our endeavors," adding, "As exciting developments are expected in the future, the time ahead will be more crucial than the time we've spent so far. I am grateful for the honor of this prestigious award, which serves as a starting point for achieving even greater accomplishments than before. I will strive to ensure that this recognition contributes to the continued success of Altiall."

In June of this year, Altiall was acquired by Hyundai Glovis (086280), the comprehensive logistics company of the Hyundai Motor Group. With this acquisition, Hyundai Glovis is accelerating its efforts in the smart logistics business, marking it as a future growth driver. The company has officially announced plans to secure a prominent position in the domestic logistics automation market by 2025. Additionally, after stabilizing its domestic operations, Hyundai Glovis is set to expand its presence in the global market.

Given Hyundai Glovis' extensive network of 45 domestic and 95 global logistics hubs, the analysis suggests that the integration of Altiall's smart logistics solutions into these locations is intended to significantly enhance market competitiveness. The strategic move is aimed at fortifying Hyundai Glovis' position in the market and tapping into the global market with a strong foundation.

Mr. Kang expressed, "Starting from the year 2024, as a crucial period marking the initiation of Altiall's substantial growth, we will embark on a proactive drive in our business. This year will be pivotal in clearly revealing Altiall's vision and plans." He further stated, "Utilizing Altiall's unique IT solutions for warehouse automation, we aim to enhance Hyundai Glovis' in-house logistics centers more intelligently. We are committed to working together to achieve outstanding results."

In conclusion, Mr. Kang expressed deep gratitude to those who offered support and concerns in the wake of the acquisition announcement, as well as to the colleagues within the company who have believed in and walked the path together with Altall. While there have been external changes in the company's appearance, the internal direction and goals remain unchanged. With the addition of reliable partners to achieve these objectives, there is a shared understanding among all members that the journey towards the destination can be faster and safer. Anticipating Altiall's leap into a globally leading smart logistics solution company with a solid determination, we look forward to the growth of Altiall in 2024.

by Kim Nam-Geun

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