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Autonomous Mobile Robot
No need for guides or markers
self-driving unmanned transport vehicle



An AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is an industrial vehicle used in warehouse or manufacturing environments to transport goods based on pre-programmed instructions. AGVs typically require the installation of navigation guides such as magnets or wires on or beneath the warehouse floor, which may involve significant facility modifications. If there is a need to change the AGV operating pattern, it often requires facility modifications to alter the navigation guides. AGVs can be seen as having limited flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing environments or work processes.


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An AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is a vehicle that uses onboard sensors and processors to autonomously navigate and move materials without the need for physical guides or markers. In simple terms, it learns the environment and remembers its position, similar to how a robot vacuum cleaner operates. It dynamically plans paths from one location or waypoint to another within the environment.

AMRs utilize technologies such as LiDAR sensors and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to determine optimal routes between waypoints. This allows them to adapt to changes in the workspace configuration, even if it changes overnight. They can automatically detect and navigate around obstacles and blocked paths, finding the most efficient route to the next waypoint.


  • Load Type: Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

  • Load Capacity: 250kg

  • Load Height: 1500mm

  • Navigation Method: Magnetic or Laser Sensor or SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

  • Travel Directions: Forward/Reverse/Left/Right/Spin Turn

  • Travel Speed: 60m/min (Forward/Reverse), 30m/min (Left/Right)

  • Product Size: W1184 * L704 * H340mm

  • Battery Capacity: 48V 50AH

  • Positioning Accuracy: +/-10mm (Magnetic, Laser Guidance), 50m (SLAM Guidance)

  • Ramp Climbing Capability, Step, Gap: 2% (5m), 2mm, 10mm

  • Motors: DC Brushless Motors 100W * 4EA

  • Supervisory Control: Configured for simple control through software communication via WI-FI, PLC Ethernet communication with the AGV.


Outstanding driving performance

  • Ability to drive in all directions: forward, reverse, left, right, spin turn

  • Requires fewer turns compared to previous models.

  • External control possible via wireless LAN.




automatic obstacle avoidance

smooth ride

​Window Control System

​automatic deceleration of the curve


laser scan

auto centering

​accurate positioning

error prevention

exact working time

​accurate counter points


immediately available

One-click upgrade

​No construction required

simple task

phonetic prompt



360 degree rotation

intelligent path

​strong environmental adaptation

labor cost savings

​Various upgrade support


high driving speed

24-hour uninterrupted work

Fault self-test

real time response

​long battery life

​space saving

Altiall_AMR_DZ-80_201218 (33)_누끼.png


  • Product Name: (S)DZ-80

  • Product Load: 200kg

  • Product size: L780 * W560 * H280mm

  • Running speed:150m/min

  • Accuracy: ±5mm

  • Minimum radius: 0mm



  • Product name: (S)BW-500

  • Product Load:500kg

  • Product size: L910 * W700 * H360mm

  • Running speed:100m/min

  • Accuracy: ±5mm

  • Minimum radius: 0mm



  • Product Name: (S)QR-400

  • Product load:400kg

  • Product size: L1200 * W520 * H338mm

  • Running speed:100m/min

  • Accuracy: ±5mm

  • Minimum radius: 0mm



  • Product Name :ZX-1500

  • Product Load: 1500kg

  • Product size: L1370 * W740 * H340mm

  • Running speed:60m/min

  • Accuracy: ±5mm

  • Minimum radius: 0 mm or less



  • Product Name :TG-500

  • Product load:1500-3000kg

  • Product size: L1047 * W510 * H300mm

  • Running speed: 0 - 30m/min

  • Accuracy: ±10mm

  • Minimum radius: 350 mm or less


이미지 제공: Miles Burke

Sung-Wook, Jung

이미지 제공: Mike Meyers


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