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  • Designed for flexible mobile & handling in industrial scenarios, to achieve efficient and flexible transport of cart, shelves and other equipment in the workshop, capable to handle the mobile & handling tasks in industrial automation and logistics transportation scenarios.

  • Hybrid navigation technology based on laser SLAM, the repeated positioning accuracy can be controlled within ±5mm and docking of various devices with high-precision .

  • Mobile robots are equipped with multiple levels of security. Two high precision safety lidars are located on the front and rear diagonals, providing full 360° coverage of the surrounding environment.

  • The industry leading battery management system is designed to 

  • support automatic charging and fast battery change, meeting the requirements of 7 x 24 hours of continuous operation.

  • Relied on the self-developed YouIFleet distributed intelligent scheduling system, mobile robot is easy to deploy and support up to 200 units robot collaboratively operation.

  • YouI TMS, a logistics management and control platform, connects material flow and information flow to meet the flexible production needs of enterprises.(Optional)


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