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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering in the field of automation equipment involves the development and installation of electrical control programs that enable systematic control of automated equipment in factories and warehouses. To provide efficient and sustainable electrical engineering services, it is necessary to design systems based on the analysis of customer requirements and the definition of essential functions associated with automation processes and logistics flow. This includes designing and manufacturing PLCs for controlling equipment, monitoring the status and processes, ensuring seamless communication between all control systems, and wiring the equipment to the control system.

Altiall analyzes the requirements of logistics and factory automation equipment to design and provide optimal control systems. We possess the expertise to precisely control various automation equipment.

To deliver efficient engineering services and better solutions, Altiall designs programs based on EPlan, a platform that enables precise engineering design.

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​Analysis and Design

Altiall analyzes customer requirements based on the layout of devices installed in logistics centers. Taking into account SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and throughput per hour, we calculate logistics routes and speeds to design the optimal control system.


PLC Design and manufacturing

PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) are designed with a primary focus on safety, considering their usage in industrial environments. Altior ensures meticulous workmanship by using high-quality components to minimize the occurrence of malfunctions or other issues.

LS Industrial Systems


Mitsubishi Electric


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Installation and Commissioning

Commissioning testing involves four stages that are conducted once all the equipment is installed:

  1. Pre-Commissioning: This stage involves verifying the condition of all the machines before conducting the commissioning process.

  2. Commissioning: Also known as functional testing, this stage involves testing the performance of individual units to ensure proper system operation.

  3. Start-Up: This test is performed when the system reaches a state where it can operate normally and all equipment is completed. It is commonly referred to as "interlocking testing" or "integration testing."

  4. Performance Test: This stage verifies whether the system delivers the intended performance as initially requested.

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Maintenance and Support

Altiall takes responsibility for the products we supply and service, always prioritizing our relationship with customers. We understand the importance of maintaining and managing the equipment we provide, ensuring its optimal performance and longevity. Our focus is on delivering excellent customer service and addressing any maintenance or support needs promptly and efficiently.


Control Technology for High-Speed Sorters

Altiall specializes in the control and operation of high-speed automated sorting systems. Our technology includes the following features:

  • Single/Multi Encoder-Based Tracking: We employ advanced tracking technology based on single or multiple encoders to accurately track the positions of parcels, trays, and carriers within the sorting system.

  • In-Memory Data Framework: Our high-speed data and signal processing technology allows us to quickly recognize the ID of each parcel, determine its destination, and control its movement. This technology utilizes an in-memory data framework for efficient data processing.

  • Linear Magnetic Encoder and Encoding Algorithm: To accommodate structures where conventional encoders are difficult to apply, we utilize linear magnetic encoders and specialized encoding algorithms for precise tracking and position detection.

  • NetSphere EICS for Sorter: We offer easy integration and application of our self-developed SMS (Sorter Management System) called NetSphere EICS for Sorter. This system allows for seamless implementation across various industries and applications.

  • Integration with Host Systems: Leveraging our WCS (Warehouse Control System) and NetSphere WCSTM, we provide flexible interfaces to integrate with host systems such as WMS (Warehouse Management System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

  • Proven Track Record: We have a successful track record of applying our technology to a wide range of customers and industries.

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