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"I want to introduce AGV, but I don't have enough budget."

"The existing simple AGV doesn't fully satisfy the functions we need."

AGV KIT was born from the above two opinions we get the most in the field. This assembly-type AGV KIT is designed to be flexible and expandable to meet the needs of customers with low-cost, high-performance features.


Prefabricated AGV kits are just a basic unit and a few options installed on your bogie to become an AGV. It is a very cheap, simple and easy solution. 


The AGV kit is designed to be able to drive in all directions, and also controls the left and right rotation speeds independently of each other to ensure high rotation performance and safe driving even when the turning radius is small, and was developed to be easy for anyone to handle._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Main Features

Easy to use

Easy-to-handle AGV for anyone to operate

Speed regulation function

There is a speed control function suitable for various tasks, and speed adjustment in 15 steps is possible.

24 hours continuous driving

It supports 24 hours continuous driving with automatic charging function.

Turning radius

By controlling the left and right rotation speed independently from each other, it guarantees high rotation performance and safe driving even when the turning radius is small.

Up to 200 station and branch settings

Up to 200 stations and 200 branches can be set.



*1 Including its own weight

*2 Standard frame no-load condition and battery 100% charged condition

*3 For the relative address unit, adding the stop precision improvement function improves the stop precision to +/- 10 mm

* Maximum speed during traverse & spin turn is 15m/min

* The maximum speed of simple reverse is 20m/min

* There should be no incline for traversing & spin turns

* Stop accuracy during traverse & spin turn is +/-30mm 

Prefabricated AGV license conditions

1. Not suitable for outdoor use 

2. Do not apply strong impact to the vehicle when loading cargo. 

3. Driving is restricted in the following conditions: 

  • When the road surface is wet with water or oil

  • When the road slope exceeds 3%

  • In case of serious road surface contamination

  • ​for asphalt pavement

AGV KIT option

  1. Driver Unit: 2 Wheel differential speed driver Unit 

Choose between lightweight and large types depending on the weight of the load you are carrying. Up to 2 units can be mounted on 1 vehicle.

Lightweight: Light duty driver unit

Size: W355xH230xL379mm

Minimum floor height: 16 mm

Dry weight: 23 kg

Heavyweight: Heavy duty driver unit

Size: W355xH230xL379mm

Minimum floor height: 15 mm

Dry weight: 27 kg

 2. Basic Units 

 3. Optional Units: required 

 4. Optional Units: for further improvements 

optional function

1. Reverse function

 2 sets of driver units and an induction sensor are additionally installed in the control unit as a function for reverse driving of the AGV Kit.

2. Simple reverse function

Features for short-distance reverse driving, applicable for linear courses and large curvatures. (Magnetic tape radius of 1.5m or more) This function can be set by adding a guide sensor without the need to add a driver unit.

3. Lateral movement and rotation function

The device has lateral movement and swivel capabilities, making it effective for turning in tight areas. A drive unit, marker sensor and stop sensor are additionally required. Lateral travel distance, speed and carrying weight are limited.

4. Electromagnetic brake

Prevents the vehicle from sliding down a ramp during cargo transportation or shaking during cargo delivery.  (Required installation for heavy goods)

5. Encoder

By using the encoder, the lightweight -30m/min type bogie can be driven at the lowest speed of 1.5m/min, and the accuracy of the travel speed is improved by reading the pulse. This function is useful if you need to do assembly or picking work on a moving AGV. 

6. Upgrade stop accuracy

Stopping accuracy is upgraded from the standard level (± 30mm → ± 15mm: heavyweight types include this option as standard) * Improved stopping accuracy through a combination of electromagnetic brake and creep travel function

7. Power extension

Power supply to optional devices (24V x 1.8A)

8. I/O connectors and harness

A dedicated connector and harness are required to use the I/O. 

** If the customer prepares their own harness, a dedicated crimp tool is required. ​

safety factor

​1. Safety Facts

This product is a unit for making AGVs and AGV systems. Ultimate safety in operation is therefore at the discretion of the customer.

*Please refer to the JIS description regarding the criteria for judgment. (JIS D6802 safety rules for automated guided vehicle systems) 

2. Prevent contact

There is a risk of bone fractures or similar injuries if the user goes out with the AGV driver block. The AGV is supposed to stop when its bumper hits an obstacle. However, in environments where the AGV may need to be stopped before contact, it is recommended to use an obstacle sensor. Considering the worst case, the emergency switch should be located where it can be reached from any position. 

3. Emergency stop

To reduce the braking distance in case of an emergency stop, the electromagnetic brake option must be installed. This option is installed as standard on heavyweight models.

​4. Operation Alert / Driving Alert 

There is a visual way to tell if the AGV is running or not by making the laminated pilot lamp turn on or flash, while an audible way can use a melody to indicate that it is running. 


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