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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a field that is responsible for efficiently designing the layout of warehouse and factory automation lines, as well as the design, analysis, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of individual mechanical systems within them.


Automation is Experiencing
Rapid growth

For many companies, industrial automation has become a task that must be pursued rather than a choice. Figuring out how to implement automation has become a challenging task that is by no means easy. From another perspective, the level of automation is continuously increasing, and the expanding areas and fields of automation pose additional challenges for companies providing solutions for better and effective automation.


Industrialization to Automation

The term "industrialization" is becoming outdated, making way for the word "automation." In the era of automation, the notion of "machinery" cannot be adequately defined solely by the traditional sense of "machinery" from the industrialization era. It encompasses a broader meaning that incorporates additional dimensions brought about by automation.


Integrated analysis

Machines that used to perform simple one or two functions are now equipped with the ability to perform multiple functions, rendering them meaningless without a program to control their operations based on different conditions. Furthermore, as technology has evolved from merely storing data to analyzing, calculating, and utilizing collected data, the introduction of automated machines now requires specialized analysis that considers not only the accompanying functionalities but also their effectiveness.

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Tailored Service

Altiall provides a one-of-a-kind Mechanical Engineering Service based on expertise that encompasses the entire spectrum of machinery, control, and software programs. Through comprehensive analysis, we strive to elevate the service to a higher level, offering solutions tailored to our customers' diverse needs.

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