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Side-Fork Type Pallet Transport AGV

unmanned forklift

The forklift type AGV is an AGV for transporting pallets. It is a transportation system that accurately and safely moves between process facilities in the product production line to designated lines by operating system/operator commands. Unlike the conveyor or RGV method, AGV has the advantage of being easy to apply to various layouts with simple route setting. 

Product type: High-performance unmanned forklift

Payload: 1100kg (Deadweight: 2050kg)

Loading Height: 1500mm

Driving method: laser sensor

Driving direction: Forward/Reverse/Left/Right/Spin turn

Driving speed: forward and backward 60m/min - left and right 30m/min

Product size: W2278 * L1748 * H1738mm

Battery Capacity: 48V 159AH

Error accuracy: 10mm, Fork 30mm

​Upper control: WI-FI, PLC Ethernet communication through software and AGV communication to configure simple control



  • When moving the 2400mm aisle width, it is possible to move without changing the direction of the unmanned forklift.

  • It is possible to rotate 180 degrees in a passage width of 3000mm.

  • Brushless motor for driver is applied to improve cleanliness and maintenance

  • In consideration of safety, obstacle sensor bumper sensors are installed in all directions.

Screenshot at Apr 12 18-16-46.png

Safe transfer

Designed with the center of gravity in mind, it can safely transport even heavy loads located high up!


Screenshot at Apr 12 18-21-58.png

If the conveyed item is on the floor

Screenshot at Apr 12 18-22-16.png

If the object to be transported is on the frame.

Screenshot at Apr 12 18-23-51.png

When the item to be transported is on the shelf.

Technical Specification


unmanned forklift

permissible load


driving style

Magnetic or laser sensor

driving direction

Front/back/side/spin turn

max speed

60m/min (side 30m/min)

max height

1000mm or 1800mm

rise rate


turning radius

Minimum 1500mm

forklift size



48V 150Ah


이미지 제공: Miles Burke

Sung-Wook, Jung

이미지 제공: Mike Meyers



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