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NetSphere WCS

WCS (Warehouse Control System) is a software system responsible for automating warehouses or distribution centers. It acts as an intermediary manager, interacting with WMS (Warehouse Management System) above and ECS (Equipment Control System) below, effectively connecting them. In other words, WCS receives information from WMS regarding inventory flow and interfaces with equipment and machinery within the distribution center (ECS) to provide real-time integrated control of various automation devices and equipment. It ensures seamless coordination and optimization of operations by enabling efficient communication and synchronization between the different systems involved in warehouse automation.

*NetSphere is the proprietary brand name used by Altiall to refer to all of its developed automation software programs.

Key Features of NetSphere WCS

NetSphere WCS (Warehouse Control System) is a system designed to manage and optimize the flow of materials within a warehouse or distribution center. Its main purpose is to achieve efficient and streamlined operations by monitoring the flow of all materials and the status of equipment in real-time. NetSphere WCS is responsible for issuing instructions to automated devices and equipment to ensure they align with the optimization goals and maintain smooth operations.


Through NetSphere WCS, the following activities are carried out in real-time:

  • Integration and control of equipment and machinery

  • Integration of fixed scanners

  • Integration of mobile scanners

  • Integration of auto-labelers

  • Integration of weighing systems

  • Operation and management of automated sorters

  • Automation management for picking processes

  • Manual picking management

  • Inbound and outbound management

  • Inventory replenishment management

  • Inventory management

  • Integration with automated warehouses

  • Material flow control

  • Integration with host systems

NetSphere WCS enables real-time monitoring and control of these activities to ensure efficient and optimized warehouse operations.

Features of NetSphere WCS

NetSphere WCS provides a consistent standard interface for automation facilities and monitors the real-time activities and status of the equipment to ensure smooth operation of the Material Equipment Sub-System (ECS) and control the flow of materials. It ultimately offers standardized integrated processes to fulfill customer requirements.

NetSphere WCS encompasses various functionalities such as material flow control, control of automation facilities, and integration with business intelligence and host systems (ERP, WMS) to schedule and operate tasks/jobs. The advantage and competitiveness of NetSphere WCS lie in its comprehensive coverage of these extensive functionalities.

As a result, NetSphere WCS leverages low-level visibility into the logistics center to quickly address the operational requirements and challenges faced by the industry. Particularly in automated logistics centers, NetSphere WCS provides an optimal solution by seamlessly integrating with storage, picking, and sorting systems to fulfill customer orders in real-time.

NetSphere WCS System Architecture

WCS_System Architecture_1.png

NetSphere WCS software composition and features

NetSphere WCS Server
  • Controls the material flow of all automation facilities within the distribution center.

  • Integrates with upper-level systems (WMS) through real-time interfaces.

NetSphere WCS Management Server
  • Provides operators with a user interface to monitor and control the equipment control system in real-time.

  • Offers HTML5-based web application for monitoring and control anytime, anywhere.

NetSphere SCADA Server
  • Monitors I/O at the PLC level of the facilities

  • Acts as a monitoring system at the data level of the facilities.

NetSphere WCS Layout Designer
  • Configures the actual layout of facilities in the distribution center

  • Manages facilities based on device type and sub-type

  • Defines the connection relationships between facilities (Device Port - Device Port)

NetSphere WCS Material Flow Designer
  • Models all material flows within the logistics center and registers them as operations.

  • One operation consist of one or more material flows.

  • Each individual material flow is implemented as an interface for controlling the facilities.

​Project capability

NetSphere WCS has been successfully implemented in numerous distribution centers both domestically and internationally, validating the performance and stability of the system. Through the execution of various projects, we have accumulated diverse expertise in system design, construction, and stabilization at each stage. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with our NetSphere ECS (Equipment Control System), allowing for reduced implementation time and providing flexibility and stability in system construction..

​Pantos Sihwa MTV Distribution Center


CJ Logistics Gonjiam Mega Hub Distribution Center


POS Malaysia IPC2 KLIA


Nongshim Incheon Complex Distribution Center

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