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Quick Picking System (QPS)

QPS is a system that is operated in connection with WMS and WCS. It is a system that has  a sequential order processing method, a fast order picking process based on the digital picking system (DPS), and a 20% higher efficiency compared to the same size space.  QPS is a system that can be said to be a key element of the Micro-Fulfillment System optimized for a small space, and is an efficient and cost-effective solution that makes the greatest contribution to simplifying the order fulfillment process in warehouse and distribution centers. 

Digital Picking System (DPS)

Digital Picking Mechanism is the technology that is the basis of the quick picking system. For example, if this system is applied to the order picking process, the exact location of the product to be picked can be caught quickly and easily by lighting the LED display, and the productivity can be improved by minimizing the picking error. 

Altiall / 알티올 / Digital Picking System / DPS / 디지털 피킹 시스템 / Warehouse Automation / 창고 자동화 / 물류 자동화

High Productivity & Low Picking Error

Altiall / 알티올 / QPS / Quick Picking System / DPS / Digital Picking System / 디지털 피킹 시스템 / 퀵 피킹 시스템 / Warehouse Automation / 창고 자동화 / 물류 자동화

On the QPS line, there is little need for the operator to move from the designated position. It works by catching the LED lighting of the product shelf connected to the barcode on the box arriving on the circulation conveyor. Then you pick the product and place it in the box (pick & place). Work speed and productivity are significantly improved, and picking errors that occur in the process of finding items based on paper or data on the screen are significantly reduced. 

* Picking error on QPS line: < 0.1% 

Simple Structure

Altiall / 알티올 / Quick Picking System / QPS / Digital Picking System / DPS / 디지털 피킹 시스템 / 퀵 피킹 시스템 / Warehouse Automation / 물류 자동화 / 창고 자동화

Because QPS has a simple facility structure, system operation is stable, and it promises excellent maintainability. 


  1. Reduce order processing time

  2. Minimize picking and shipping errors

  3. Reduce workforce due to digitalization of processes

  4. Space saving: 20% higher space efficiency 

  5. The introduction of automation essentially entails standardization and accuracy of the process

  6. Easy to use: can be trained in typically 30 min. 

  7. Easy inventory management: Real time update of picking data enables quick response to inventory. 

  8. Demand forecasting possible through data accumulatio

[Altiall QPS Line with Flowsort System]

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